How many courts does it take to interpret the statutory definition of an auto-dialer?

Spring is officially upon us, Ohio. We can transition from running on the treadmill to running outside. Most importantly, we can begin preparing for barbecue season. Please invite me to your cook out! Miriah’s Take: TCPA Litigation Is Making Waves Recently, I have been looking … Continue readingHow many courts does it take to interpret the statutory definition of an auto-dialer?


March is in full swing. I am sad to report that none of my readers sent me PotBelly’s or peppermint tea for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for tuning into our third posting of On Miriah’s Mind. You will notice that there is now a “follow” button at the bottom of the page. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so that each new posting can be delivered directly to your inbox. You won’t want to miss a single blog post! … Continue readingBY THE NUMBERS: ELDER FRAUD REPORTING


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day. While I always love a good theme myself, Valentine’s Day is not my cup of tea. However, I am still accepting presents (PotBelly’s, peppermint tea, and new orange highlighters come to mind). As the holiday comes and goes, so does another issue of On Miriah’s Mind, so thanks for tuning in. [I should note that I will be spending all Valentine’s Day with credit union folks so I’m sure everyone will be a jovial blast-looking forward to it!] … Continue readingBUSY BEES AT THE CFPB


You guessed it! Yes, #WeAreOCUL has started a new blog in 2019. Did the title give it away? In 2018, the League spent time hosting regulatory roundtables all over the state. And based on your feedback, we are parlaying our roundtables into a digital dialogue (don’t worry, we will continue hosting our traditional roundtables). This is our inaugural blog posting so thanks for joining us. … Continue readingNEW YEAR, NEW BLOG